So Bianca, how did you lose 1 stone (6.35kg) in 1 month?

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Disclaimer: I am not a fitness or health expert, the below stems from my own experience and worked for me as an individual. Everyone is different and what works for me, may not work for others.

I have lost 1 stone (6.35kg) in a month. I can’t quite believe it. From 12 stone, 4lbs at the start of January, to 11 stone 3 1/4 lbs at the beginning of February.

On the 26th December 2019, after I finished dinner, I had a thought… In that moment I decided that I would give up Rice & Pasta for a month. That was the starting point & decision which led me on a weightloss journey. I hadn’t thought of a routine at this point, it was the no Rice & Pasta thing guiding me.

Now, bearing in mind I would usually have rice or pasta with pretty much most of my meals, I was so worried that I wouldn’t find any alternatives but boy, oh boy, I was so wrong! Side note: I still haven’t eaten rice or pasta, it has become a lifestyle change that I am now used to. I do miss it though!

I found many alternatives, with a few examples being Green Pea Fusilli, Red Lentil Penne & Cauliflower Rice. I realised that Rice & Pasta were the easier option, but if you look hard enough, you can find alternatives. Shout out to my colleague Marta for bringing me in on the Green Pea Fusilli!  I had to get used to the taste but after trying it over and over again, my palette got used to it in no time. When cooking the Green Pea Fusilli & Red Lentil Penne, I boil it for 3-4 minutes, as it will hold quite a firm, pasta like texture. So, having found alternatives for Rice/Pasta, I also decided that I needed to drop the yoghurts I was having for Breakfast…

Mimi Ikonn (@mimiikonn on Instagram) put up a series of stories showing a simple recipe for Avocado on Corncakes. I had always claimed I never liked avocados and I hadn’t tried corncakes before, but it looked so good! The next day I bought an avocado & a pack of corncakes, after having it a few times, I got used to the avocado texture & taste along with the corncakes. Now, I absolutely love it! Yoghurt out, Avocados in!

If you’re wondering why I havent mentioned any fitness yet, this is because I was doing the above before I started taking fitness seriously again. What you eat is so important when it comes to your health.

After a week or so, I decided I needed some sort of routine. Browsing Youtube one day, I came across a youtube video from Love Your Natural (I’ll link it below) who has been such a HUGE motivator for me. This woman is a god send. I love the way she explains things, how she interacts with her viewers and the energy she brings is so real. Her routine of having a fruit based breakfast, large lunch consisting of mainly vegetables and then drinking water and green tea & not eating after 7pm was inspiring. Whilst I don’t follow that exact routine, I made my own.

My Everyday Routine

Morning: 9am – Green Tea, Banana, 1 Avocado cut onto two corn cakes with a sprinkle of himalayan pink salt.

Afternoon: 1pm/2pm – Large lunch, consisting of a mixture of vegetables usually with chicken or seafood.

Dinner: My lunch is my dinner. Sounds a bit crazy, like wouldn’t I be hungry in the evening? The answer is no. The reason why, is because my lunch is extremely filling. If I do feel a little peckish, I will have a piece of fruit or a few mixed nuts/seeds (sunflower seeds are my fave). And, due to the fact I am constantly drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon juice during the day, I don’t get hungry in the evenings. I make sure I don’t eat after 7pm, as this allows my body to fast until the morning.

That’s become my week day routine. Weekends are the same, but in the morning I have scrambled eggs with some tomatoes & cucumber. Water is the same and lunch is the same.

Now, do not get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth. I decided that cutting out sweet things wouldn’t work. So rather than cutting it out immediately, I have mastered lowing my bad sugar intake. During the week, for some strange reason, I feel the need to eat sweet things whilst at work. So, rather than buying the pack of kinder bars and eating the whole pack in a day like I used to, (I know, I was terrible), I now buy a pack of Sherbert Lemons, a good old grandparent favourite lol. I have them in my drawer and when I’m feeling the urge for sugar, I have one Sherbert Lemon which takes away the craving. When you have the urge to want something “bad” just have a small amount, which will deal with your craving.

Fitness wise, I go to the gym once or twice a week to do weight training. Tuesday & Thursday evenings, I take my Zumba class. The one thing I’ve been doing for the longest time is walking. I try to walk to and from work every day. It is a 45 minute journey each way. I go for weekend walks in the morning on the weekend too. I LOVE WALKING. My average step count is around 9000 steps each day. Keeping active is a great feeling.

I have personally found that for me, the food element of weightloss is more important than the fitness side. Fitness is still a core part of my journey and where I have been going to the gym a couple of times a week and doing Zumba twice a week, I know that if I were to up my Fitness levels, then I would get even quicker and more effective results.

So Bee, how did you lose 1 stone (6.35kg) in 1 month? DISCIPLINE. Healthier eating & exercise. It is that simple! I changed my lifestyle to ensure I ate better and embarked on a fitness journey. Since doing this, I enjoy eating better and exercising, it is all about training your mind to enjoy the things that will do you good.

If you discipline yourself, you will see remarkable changes in your life in all aspects. Trust me.

Thank you for reading & I hope that if you’re on a similar journey, the above can help you in one way or another.



In everything, remember to Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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