The Art of Manifestation.

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Manifestation is the process of speaking something into existence and working hard to make it happen in order to bring it into reality.

I am a firm believer of getting what I want. There’s been many occasions in my life where I’ve made up my mind and I go get what I want by putting into action the necessary steps to make it happen. Sometimes it takes a while but eventually you get there. The feeling of manifesting something into existence is such a blessing and a great feeling.

In order to get results, you must put in the work. Nothing comes for free. If you have a goal, a vision, a dream, you will only get there if you make it happen. Starting off small and doing little things will make a big difference. Look at it as if you’re planting seeds, once they’re planted, you water them and slowly but surely growth occurs and the end result is what you’ve wanted to happen all along. If you didn’t plant the seed, you wouldn’t have the flower. The beginning, middle and end. Without supporting the process, you don’t move forward.

Manifesting things into existence is the key to living the life you want. This applies to absolutely everything. For example, if you’re unhappy with your job, look for something else but make strategic decisions in order to get that new job. Speak it into existence & make it happen. It is that simple, update your CV and actively look for a new opportunity. Once you get it, you will feel so good knowing you’ve manifested it into real life.

Let me give you another example. You always hear someone saying something along the lines of: “Ah I need to win the lottery”, but they never actually play it.

So, in essence they are trying to manifest something that won’t happen. Do you know why? They’re not playing the lottery. Therefore it is impossible to win it.

However, if you are actively playing the lottery every so often, seeing certain numbers over and over again, thinking about winning and what you would do with the money, you have a chance of winning. Therefore being able to manifest it into reality.

You know that saying, “actions speak louder than words”, this applies to manifestation. It is all good and well, speaking things into existence, this is the first step, however you cannot expect to receive everything just by asking for it. You have to speak it into existence as well as work hard for it.

When trying to manifest, failure or set backs may happen at some point in life. Failures or set backs should be a huge motivator to keep pushing. In most cases, a lot of people tend to take set backs really hard and that is totally understandable. However, if something doesn’t go right, as Aaliyah says, dust yourself off and try again. Keep trying and trying. Failure is scary at first glance, but take that L and do better next time, trust me, just keep going. If you dwell, you won’t be able to excel and push through and the more you dwell, the harder it becomes to get back on top of things. Make sure you keep that positive energy and spirit to make it happen.

Nothing comes for free, kick that lazy mindset to the kerb and just go for it. 

It’s not complicated, in fact, it is very simple.

So remember, Keep it Simple, Yeah?


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