The Art of Creating Space.

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A continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.

De-clutter your home. Delete a bunch of unnecessary phone contacts. Cut off bad energy. Become unavailable to others whilst being available to yourself. Meditate in order to have your mind unoccupied.

Have you ever felt a weight lifted off your shoulders when you do any of the above? I sure have.

I love a good old de-clutter. Whether it be at home or at work, the idea of creating space by getting rid of things that aren’t needed feels great. A few days ago I cleared out a cupboard space at work, I got rid of things we no longer needed, along with creating space, putting things neatly and once I was done, I felt so good! Now when I open that cupboard, everything is tidy and organised. At home, I go through my clothes ever so often, my toiletries and other bits & pieces. As Marie Kondo would say, give thanks to what you are throwing away/donating because at one point, they served you a purpose in life. Coming home to a tidy space feels so refreshing, there is nothing better knowing that there isn’t much to do in the house when returning from a long day at work. I love to make sure the washing up is done the night before, making sure all areas are free & spacious.



When I got my new phone last year, I felt it was necessary to go through my contacts and delete anyone that wasn’t needed or felt brought bad energy into my life. Just going through the names, delete, delete, delete. I recommend you do the same. Now I only have the people that are necessary. This goes hand in hand with cutting off bad energy. If someone tries to come back into your life, whether it be an old friend, family member or maybe an ex and you know that it could bring bad vibes and negative energy back into your life, do not entertain it. Bad energy stay far away. The same goes for anyone or anything currently in your life which isn’t bringing you any happiness or positivity, cut it off and let it go. Cutting off bad energy allows space for good, positive and meaningful energy. Create that space for better because that is what you deserve. Don’t allow bad energy to consume your space, your mind and your being.



Availability. Make yourself unavailable to anything or anyone external and make yourself available to you. When I was younger, I had friends that would “ghost” for a while and I never really understood why back then, but now, I totally get it. Focus on yourself for a while.

Being an ambivert, a good balance of being introverted and extroverted, there is a part of me that loves being by myself. Personal space is so important. The worst thing is when someone doesn’t quite understand that, they feel that they can be all up in your space or feel they have access to you whenever they want. Communicate to those around you of your preferences. Create space to work on yourself whenever you want, don’t feel the need to please everyone. This is my vibe right now, I am so immersed in working on myself. I might be anti-social for a while, keeping myself to myself or not really talking too much but it’s because I’ve made myself available to the things I want to do or work on which is my Blog, Zumba, Gym & Yoga.



The biggest and most important way to create space is by meditating. Free your mind. Becoming one with yourself, letting go of every single thing within your body, detaching from the world and entering a sense of pure relaxation. This is possibly one of the best feelings in the entire world. Spend a short amount of time meditating, even if it’s for 5 minutes, it will have such a positive effect. Allow it to become a tool that you can use in any given moment. On my Saturday walks, I spend a portion of my time meditating by listening to my Zen music playlist and allowing everything in my mind to leave so there is absolutely nothing there. It feels great detaching even for a short amount of time. I highly recommend practising Meditation in whatever way suits you.

Space. It’s really important, make sure you have some.

Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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