Imagine making simple changes that could make a big difference to your quality of life?

There are some people that enjoy going with the flow. Not making any major changes in life and they cruise with what life gives them.

But imagine if you could make changes which meant that you could live an even better quality of life? The shift of energy, thought process & relationships could really do some good. Each day is a new chance to change your life for the better.

With everything in life, we have to move on. If we stay in the same position, we don’t grow. We get comfortable, we stay in situations out of convenience & that can leave us very unhappy.

Depending on the given situation, moving on and making changes can take a very long time, alternatively, it can take a really short time as well, depending on what kind of person you are. Over the years of experiencing different situations, I’ve learnt to deal with things in quite a quick & simple way.

When in a situation where I find myself unhappy, rather than moaning or complaining about it, or overthinking what might happen if I were to move on, I take a minute to understand what is going on, why I’m unhappy, what would make me happy & finally, how I can go about making that first move towards happiness.

I’ve been that person who overthinks, trust me. When it came to friendships, work, relationships, every day decisions, I overthought to a ridicolous level. Over time I’ve used techniques to overthink less and just think strategically to ensure I make meaningful decisions. Meaningful decisions to make sure that I am happy, because really, that is all that matters.



Fresh starts, they help in all given situations

The minute you start waking up for work feeling that you do not want to be there, it’s time for you to move on. I have lived by this. I believe in gut feelings and trusting your instincts. Whenever I get that feeling, I’m looking for my next adventure. I work out what I’m unhappy with & I try to find something that will bring more happiness in my working life. Don’t stay somewhere out of convenience. Your happiness & health is what matters the most.



Well-being is the most important thing in life

This leads me onto well-being. If you’re in a situation that is causing you to be in a bad mood, or your energy isn’t where it needs to be, let that situation go. Whether it be your friends, partner, job etc, change it up. Cut off anyone who isn’t bringing the positivity you need in your life. It’s not easy, but it can be done. You’ll feel a lot better within yourself. That job that’s causing you stress, find something new that will bring less stress. Whether it be a change of career or job role, even if it’s the same job but in a new company, there are opportunities every day that could add to your overall well-being. If you’ve got friends that are always talking negatively, or aren’t supporting you in a positive way, let them go. You don’t have time to have these kind of people in your life. Surround yourself with good people. Your circle might be getting smaller but as they say with everything in life, quality over quantity.




I say this in every kind of situation. ENERGY IS EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything. Don’t force things, especially if you feel uncomfortable. Just from parking your car in a certain way, to being in a relationship you don’t want to be in. Don’t force it. I know those two examples are one extreme to another but it just shows that there is energy in everything. When in a situation, if the energy don’t feel right, or the people you’re around don’t bring that positivity, just take yourself out of the situation. Evaluate what’s going on around you & decide what’s best. Make that change so that your energy is protected as well being fed good energy. Protect your energy at all costs.

In order to experience life in better ways, we have to keep it moving. Staying stagnant will not bring anything new into our lives. Your life will remain the exact same. Honestly, there is nothing worse than someone who is unhappy with their life and all they do is complain, you give them some form of advice or help, they listen but do absolutely nothing about it, and the next day they’re complaining about the same damn thing. I’ve had friends who have been like that and the amount of times I’ve tried to help but they don’t make any small changes. I’ve cut people off because of their complaining which was draining me. The negative energy was affecting my mood and how I felt towards life. Sometimes you need to leave people behind in order for them to find their feet. Keep it moving. 

If change doesn’t happen throughout your life, you’ll remain in the same position, the same place with no progress.

Remember, when things start to get complicated, think to yourself… Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B. 


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