The Importance of getting out of the House.

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I listened to a Podcast by Sadiq Hussain (@SpeakerSadiq on Instagram) talking about personal development. Whilst being on my own personal development journey, I took a lot away from listening to this podcast but 1 thing that I felt deep down, was when he spoke about leaving the house more. I couldn’t relate more to it and hearing someone else talk about it helped me to understand that I do need to get out of the house more. My energy levels were not where they were supposed to be & as much as I do enjoy being indoors, I’ve always felt that there are days where my energy is very low & I’ve finally made that decision to make a change. Sometimes the first hurdle to jump is the hardest but once you’ve jumped it, you’ll feel great and you keep going.

In this post, I will talking about 4 reasons why you should get out of the house more, with inspiration from Sadiq’s Podcast which you can find on Spotify – The Purposeful Mindset.



Energy Levels

Energy is everything. Other than work, home will be the place you spend a lot of your time. If life at home isn’t great or you have that feeling of knowing when you get home that you’re going to be in a bad mood, just take your energy elsewhere for a while so that you don’t immerse yourself in negativity. Spending time away from home can help balance your energy so that when you do get indoors, hopefully you can be in a better mood.



Leave your Comfort Zone

Home is your comfort zone. Your bedroom, living room, your personal space is where you feel safe. This is absolutely fine but if you know that being in your comfort zone will lead you to not fulfilling your daily tasks or you know that you’ll feel lazy when indoors, getting out of the house will hopefully keep you occupied.  I find that when I’m at home, especially in my room which is my safe zone, I tend to get less done because I know at times I’ll just put on Netflix or I might be endlessly scrolling on social media. Keeping yourself busy outside of your comfort zone will allow you to get more done as well as maybe doing something new.



Enjoy your Social Life

I’m an ambivert. I love being out with my closest friends & family but I also love my own space and being by myself. There are days where you just need to catch up with friends and honestly it does so much. I recently met up with 2 of my girls that I used to work with & we’ve created such a bond in a way that nothing has changed between us. It felt like we was working together yesterday! The catch up was amazing and we spent, I think, almost 5 hours just chatting away. Sometimes you need to get out of the house and socialise. Remember as well as feeling the need to see your friends, they need to see you too. You might discuss something that they’ve needed to hear to change their lives in the smallest way.



Productivity is heightened 

In connection with comfort zones and energy levels, I personally feel that productivity can be limited when you’re at home. Getting out of the house can help to get more done. For example, I went for 2 walks today, the first one, I listened to the first episode of The Purposeful Mindset & it gave me the idea to write this post because I could relate so much and felt it was necessary to share this with you all. The second walk, I listened to my Zen playlist on Spotify, I cleared my mind and it helped me prepare to write this post. Go to the park, coffee shop, sit on a bench, change up your scenery and you’ll be surprised how getting out of house can help you become so productive.

Getting out of the house more will do you good. Right now, as I write this last paragraph, I’m sitting in Costa with my music playing. The change of scenery makes such a difference. I love being at home but I get too comfortable. I’m making more of a habit to get out more. The only reason I want to be at home is to cook my dinner, spend some time with my mum & to sleep. Other than that, I keep myself busy by being out, balancing my energy, leaving my comfort zone, socialising & heightening my productivity levels.

As always, doing small things will make a big difference. Make small lifestyle changes so that you can get more out of life. Remember to Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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  • Mychesthigh
    August 13, 2019

    This is very relatable and I’ve found myself getting a bit too comfortable staying In doors and had to make a conscious decision to change it because of all the points you made above.

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