Gratitude. A reminder: We need to be grateful everyday.

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The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

The most priceless thing in the entire world. Showing gratitude will make a huge change to what you do in your day to day life.



Every morning I give thanks for waking up, for being healthy & being able to get ready to go to work. During the day I project positivity & kindness. When I go to sleep, each evening, I give thanks for the day I’ve had, even if it was a bad day, I’m still grateful that I got through it. 

Even being able to do the basic things in life such as eat, have a roof over your head and having clothes is something that a lot of people cant do or even have the means to access it.

We take these small things for granted and forget that not everyone can access these things.

This blog post is a reminder to be grateful for everything in life. When I say everything, I literally mean everything. Even when bad things happen, if you reflect on this, you’ll find something within that bad experience to be grateful for.

For example, when my Grandpa passed away in October 2009, for years I’d only feel sad or upset that he’s no longer with us, but I soon became grateful for numerous things. Things such as; how amazing he was as a Grandpa for the 15 years I had him here, how he was present in my life from the day I was born to the day he died, how he already got our Christmas presents sorted in 2009 before he passed away, the fact he’s no longer in any pain, for the time he spent with me & my cousin, the fact that I have tons of photos & videos from all of the memories created, the list goes on. In any bad situation, there is so much to be grateful for.



A couple that I follow on Instagram, @mimiikonn & @alexikonn are two individuals that have helped me on my journey of gratitude. Sometimes when I get lost in the moment of the busy lifestyle, I’ll see a post or Instagram story of theirs & it takes me back to realising that I need to take a minute and remember everything I’m grateful for. @Coachsadiq is also another great person to follow on Instagram, the content he provides is so important for living life in the best way possible. I am grateful for their work & dedication in spreading kindness and positivity.

Every day is a blessing, a new opportunity & remember, there is no time like the present. Count your blessings & use each day to become a better version of yourself. Live your life in the best possible way you can and remember to show gratitude.

Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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