Holiday Season! Preparing for a Trip…

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Holiday Season!

Next month I’m off to Barbados, again. Yes, I love the island and wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back next year to be honest. As a friend recently said, “You’ve been to Barbados more than I’ve been out to Central London”. It’s that real.

A month prior to going away I always start my holiday prep. Allowing myself this time to go shopping, create my lists, double check I have everything I need and so on. The suitcases come out and I start to get really excited! 

The way I prepare for a long haul trip is super important because I love to be organised. Leaving things last minute is not me, when I have a trip booked, I become super organised.



Once I’ve booked my trip, I get my travel insurance straight after. Trust me, do not forget to get your travel insurance or leave it last minute, it can be a life saver, literally. I’ve worked in the industry before & I know things. 

Book your beauty appointments in advance. Don’t count on walk ins especially if you’re going a day or so before your flight. I’ve booked my eyelash appointment and nail appointment. Organised. 😉

So, it’s a month before I go. Time to do some washing! Even though I washed my holiday clothes before, I always have to wash them again just before going. Once that’s done, you can start packing and seeing what you have. Which leads me onto my next point…

Shopping! Ok, don’t go overboard but it’s nice to get some new swimwear & clothes for your holiday. I’ve just ordered a few bits that I can mix up with what I currently have. Plus, they’re things I can wear back home. I buy the essential bits well in advance though, for example, toothpaste, shower gel, make up/hair bits etc. I get these things early so I don’t have to worry about them nearer the time.

Creating lists is a great way to know what you have and what you need to get. Writing anything down on actual paper really helps to understand what you need to get done before hand.



Always prepare and take hand luggage. Pop the essentials in there, remember, 100ml max for liquids but also put some shoes, outfits, swimwear (if a hot destination) and some underwear. I call hand luggage the emergency bag. Just in case your main suitcase doesn’t quite make it or happens to get lost.

Book your transport. My train ticket to Gatwick is booked, 15 mins and I’m there. Remember to pre-book any taxis from your destinations airport to your accommodation, it might be cheaper this way. Or, if you’re going somewhere where you have family, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to pick you up, just remember to organise it.

I like to do a little research of what events are on, or to try and find new things to do. I never knew there was Go Karting in Barbados until a few months ago. I’m definitely up for that. A nice way to prepare is to see if anyone has done any vlogs or blogs about the destination you’re going to. It can help with seeing what you can do whilst away.



Once you’re on that plane, all you will need to do is think about your destination. Enjoy your trip and have fun! 

Just remember, if things get complicated, think to yourself: Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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