Working Full Time? 3 Reasons why your Job is Important.

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Since the age of 17, I’ve been working. I didn’t find my passion or purpose until the age of 23. Organisation is key in my life, making sure I utilise my time effectively is so important because I work full time as well. I didn’t really understand or realise how important time management was, but since becoming a blogger, I understand how important it is. 

Working 9-5:30pm, Monday to Friday is alright, but that means a lot of my time is spent at work. I see my work colleagues more than I do my friends or family. It leaves me with 2 windows of 5:00am-8:30am to go to the gym & get some writing done, then 5:30pm-10:30pm to have me time, socialise with friends & family, cook, tidy up and so on. Then you have your weekends which allows you to have more time to get things done.

I have 3 super important reasons why your day job plays a big part in your life, even if it isn’t what you want to do career wise or if it isn’t your passion/purpose:

Your job is important because the majority of your time spent is at work.

If you work full time like me, you will see your colleagues more than friends & family. 8 hour days spent with these people is a long time, 5 or more days a week? I’ve been fortunate to work in places where I’ve become a part of really good teams & creating long term friendships with ex-colleagues & current ones.

Your work environment is so crucial. It is better to work in an environment that makes you happy. If there are things that are making you feel unhappy at work, speak to your manager, see if there are things that could be done to make it a better working environment.

Cut the work drama, we’re here to get paid. I have never understood why there can be so much drama at work. If you don’t get along with a colleague or there are underlying issues, speak up and get it dealt with. Keep yourself out of that. It is your job. Don’t act up and risk losing your job just because you and your colleague don’t get on. If you’re that unhappy at work, stop complaining and do something about it.

Your job is important because it is a source of income.

Your day job is a form of income that supports your lifestyle/passion/purpose. Whether your job is what you want to do or not, you work to get paid. Ensure that your income can support your lifestyle, be sure to save & invest your money into things that are meaningful. If you’re working somewhere that isn’t your ideal job, it gives you more reason to work hard so that your income is supporting you outside of work.

Your job is important because you can learn & gain new skills.

In any work environment, there are new skills to be learnt. Training can be given for various things & you can learn general life skills. Basic skills like using Microsoft Applications, answering telephone calls and emails etc are really helpful in life. Depending on what kind of job you do, there may be training courses which will help you in your role but you can take away so much and utilise what you’ve learnt outside of work too. See if there is anything that your employer can offer in terms of training.

If your day job is your passion/purpose, that’s amazing. You get all of the above plus even more. But if it isn’t, don’t knock yourself down, especially if you’re a creative with a day job that has no relevance to what you’re doing outside of work.

The industry I work in is completely different to what I blog about, my passion & purpose, but guess what, I enjoy going to work because I look forward to seeing my colleagues, my job pays well & it’s local, therefore I am happy whilst at work, my income supports my passion & I get home quickly to get on with working on the blog.

Oh, one thing I live by, if you’re truly that unhappy about your work situation, make a change. Don’t complain about it if you’re unwilling to make changes in your life. You will know when the time is right to move on.

Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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