3 Reasons why you should try Present Day Planning, the Night Before…

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Present Day Planning the Night Before.

I used to plan my week on a Sunday afternoon. This worked for a while until I realised that everyday I planned, wouldn’t actually go to plan.

The annoying thing I found was that I wasn’t motivated to do what I had planned. It felt like I was bound to sticking to this weekly routine and it felt really uncomfortable. Each morning became a drag and I found myself digging into a deeper hole and just feeling horrible because I had a plan, but sticking to it on a strict weekly basis clearly wasn’t working for me.

I had to figure out a new way to become motivated. I realised that the way my life was set up and the kind of person that I am, I had to present day plan, the night before.

Just before bed each night, I get my planner & write down the things I accomplished in that day, I note down any emotions felt and what I ate. Then I reflect on my day for about 10 minutes or so. After that, I start a new page, writing down what I plan to do the next day. I put in my schedule along with what I will be eating. That’s it.

I go to bed knowing my rough plan for the next day and that is all I will focus on, come the morning.



Here are my 3 reasons why you should try present day planning, the night before:


Check out my post on Single-Tasking, having a daily plan means that you focus on what needs to be done on that particular day. If it’s Monday, thinking about the rest of the week is irrelevant. Focus on what you can accomplish in your day. You won’t get that time back, therefore live in the present and focus on that thing you’re doing in that moment.


I love ticking boxes and knowing I’ve accomplished my tasks. At the end of the day, I look back on what I’ve done & feel this sense of accomplishment on what I achieved. Your life is a story book, each day is a new page, so when you’re in bed, reflecting on your day, it’s like you’re reading that page of your book. Reflect on your actions, your thoughts, what you did & be grateful that you have got through the day, ready for tomorrow.

Clear Mind

Present day planning is a de-cluttering technique. It is de-cluttering your mind to allow you to focus in that moment. For example, when I used to plan everything on a weekly basis, I found myself worrying about things happening on Friday, when it infact it was only Sunday, I didn’t focus on the current day. This way of planning gives you a clearer mind, I feel so much better knowing that I only need to think about the moment I am in.



Now, I’m not saying everyone should do this, we are all different and have our own routines but if your one isn’t working, you should try present day planning, the night before.

Knowing that I’ve planned my day just before I go to bed is enough motivation to focus on that one day. I’m not thinking about the rest of the week. I’m not concerned for the rest of the week. It is a gift to be able to wake up each morning, therefore take one day at a time.

After years of trial and error, trying different techniques of planning and organisation, I’ve finally found a technique that works well for me. Maybe it might work for you too, give it a try!

Remember when things get complicated, Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.




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