5 Reasons why we should be Compassionate in Life

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Acts of kindness, support, love & care that relieves the suffering of yourself & others.

It is the most human thing that we can project, think & do.

There are many reasons why we should be compassionate in life, but here are my 5 main reasons:

To improve Quality of Life

Yours & others. Being compassionate will help you feel a sense of fulfilment. This means that you have a positive mindset in wanting to help others and do things for them in the kindest, most human way possible. To those who are receiving your compassionate energy, they will feel a sense of comfort, love & trust because you are being genuine in your actions. By being this way towards people, you are improving yours & their quality of life.

You’re Less Likely to think and feel Angry/Negative thoughts 

Practising & projecting Compassion will help you understand that we are human. Regardless of race, sexuality, class etc, we are all human.

When someone does something to you, which causes you to have angry/sad/negative emotions, it usually means that person is suffering.

I’ve been practising compassion for many years. I’ve had individuals hurt me in the worst possible way, but people wonder why I don’t react negatively. Rather than react in a negative way, I understand the situation & understand that the person who has hurt me must be going through something themselves in order to act in such a way. I acknowledge this event in my life & simply move on. Life is way too short to hold grudges. Wish these people well, hope that they heal and do better in the present day so that their future is bright.

Strength & Healing

Being compassionate will help individuals who are suffering. Whether it be a friend, family member or stranger, if you can help someone, even in the smallest way, do it. Your words may unlock something that they’ve never realised which could change their life. Giving can help & just being in their company could make their day. Your compassion can provide strength to those who need it the most. It will help them heal in ways you wouldn’t even realise.

Mood Boosting

Ever felt a sense of elevation or good energy when you do a good deed? Being compassionate really boosts your mood. Knowing you’ve helped someone, even in the smallest way will make you feel so much better, especially if you are having a bad day. For example, where I’ve been going to the gym in the mornings, I see the same people on the bus every day and we all say good morning to each other. Something as small as that puts a smile on my face and boosts my mood. Doing small things to make a big difference.

Becoming Less Judgemental

In the world we live in, with technology being so advanced, judgement is something we’ve experienced doing or having been done to ourselves. You know the term, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, I live by this. We do not know what anyone is going through unless they open up to you, until they let you read the words on their pages. Social Media allows the world to portray this perfect life but there is so much suffering going on, we wouldn’t even know the first thing someone is going through. Less judgement, more understanding.

Being compassionate teaches you not to judge. I don’t like the idea of first impressions either. It’s like reviewing someone before you truly understand how they work. Once you get to know someone, you’ll understand what kind of person they are.

Those are my 5 reasons why we should be compassionate in life. There are many more but I hope this gives you an insight on Compassion and why we should practice & project it.

Doing small things to make a big difference.

Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.




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