Growth, Change & Comfort Zones. Why are these 3 things so important in Life?

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A baby, a child, a teenager and eventually an adult. 

Throughout our lives we go through a lot. We are learning all the time and with this comes Growth, Change & Comfort Zones. These 3 things impact our lives in many ways. These things comes naturally, although it can come with making mistakes.


Growth is the most natural thing we experience. Whether it be our bodies growing or our mindsets. Both of these types of growth play a huge part in our lives. 

As we grow within our bodies, our mindset grows with it. What we are exposed to as we grow up will mould our minds to who we are as individuals today. Growth is shown through our actions & thoughts. 

Growing older usually comes with maturity, however in some cases, it comes with immaturity. A mature mindset shows the growth in the mind, it means as you have grown older, you are more understanding of what it takes to be an adult & the responsibilities that come with it. Emotionally you are also more aware of the differences between being a child and an adult. 


We tend to stick what we know. Change comes from growth. As you grow, your habits, tendencies, ways of thinking and your actions will change. You adapt to what is around you & as you move on in life, this will change, meaning we will constantly be adapting. 

Change of mindset, friends, relationships, work and so on, are bound to happen as you grow up. The natural state of maturing means your mindset will change. Going to different schools/universities may mean that your friendship group changes. You might drift from certain friends, gain new ones or lose friends altogether. The spark in a relationship may change, this could be down to anything but if you are changing as a person, you might have outgrown your partner. This is normal. 

Change in interests will occur too. The things you enjoyed doing as a child may be different to what you like to do as an adult. When you become an adult there are things that you are legally allowed to do, which also may become an interest. Change is a natural occurrence, the same way that growth is. 

Being stagnant doesn’t help us in life, this is because we get too comfortable. This leads me into Comfort Zones. 

Comfort Zones

A mindset, environment, or way of doing things that we are comfortable in. 

Everyone will have their own comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with staying in that zone to an extent but to move forward in life, risks have to be taken in order to succeed, move forward and do more. Staying in one place will not help you accomplish your goals. Slowly moving out of your comfort zone and taking risks will feel good in the long term. This applies to so many things!

I’ll give you some examples of me stepping out of my comfort zone.

My comfort zone in terms of clothing was my wardrobe that used to be full of dark clothing. Literally, everything. Tops, jeans, shoes, bags and so on. It was my “safe” choice. However, I slowly started buying different coloured clothing and realised that I was missing out on so much. I’m a lot happier that I ventured out of my safe zone and now love my clothes of different colours. 

My hair. I’ve always had long hair, up until 2010, I decided I was going to take a risk and get my hair cut into a bob. That was a big deal. I was so scared going to my hair appointment, but I just had to do it. I loved my long hair and felt that I would be losing apart of me, but I was so wrong, it was like a weight lifted of my shoulders. Then I took a bigger risk… A year later I dyed my hair honey blonde! Sometimes, just take risks. Nothing is permanent. 

Changing jobs. In 2014, I was working in a Shoe Concession in a Department Store. I loved working in Shoes, 1, because I loved seeing all the new stock coming in and the different designs, 2, that’s all I knew. I started working in Shoes in 2012, so for 2 years, all I knew was that. I got to a point where I needed to come out of my safe zone and try something new. So I got a job in a Bridal Store selling wedding dresses which was fun! 

I think the main point I’m trying to get across is that stepping out of your comfort zone is ok. Step outside of it. There’s nothing wrong with trying. If you try & realise that you don’t like it, just step back in until you’re ready to try something else.

Why are these 3 things so important? 

All 3 of these things are a fundamental part of life that will be experienced. Whether you like it or not, you will grow, you will change and you will have your own comfort zone. It’s down to you as an individual to make sure that you grow in the best possible way, change accordingly to your growth & have a comfort zone that can be stepped out of so that your life is fulfilled in the best way. Mistakes will be made but make sure you learn from them. Do better & live your life true to you. 

Remember when things get complicated, just ask yourself; Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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