4 Ways to Help Find your Purpose

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Finding your purpose. What are you truly destined to do or provide in life? I hope my 4 ways will help you in finding your purpose.




Self-reflection is one of the most important things that we should embark on throughout our lives. It helps you understand you. It also helps others understand you. It plays a huge part in understanding your purpose. Look at your struggles, your positive moments & memories, everything you have been through. Your purpose could be something you’ve experienced in life, good or bad.



Think about what others Thank You for

Someone says “thank you”, we say “you’re welcome” and that’s it. When someone says thank you, take a second to understand why they’re thanking you. Have you noticed that you’re being thanked for something that others thank you for as well? Does it sound familiar? What ever it is that you’re being thanked for, understand your purpose could be laying within.



Separate Ambition from Purpose 

It’s natural for everyone to have “ambition” for whatever it is we desire to do in life. Once you understand how to seperate ambition from purpose, you can try to focus on each thing individually. I see ambition as “what we want to achieve” whereas purpose is “what we are destined to do”. One is a choice, the other is a natural path.



Tell your Story

Whether you write for yourself, or to tell your story to others, put it out there. Curiosity about your own life tends to reveal what your purpose may be. What have you faced growing up? What have you overcome? Where have you been? And so on. Writing about your life can help you identify your strengths, meaning you can help others with the strengths you possess.

Discovering your purpose is a great feeling. If you haven’t discovered yours yet, I hope the above can help you one way or another.

Just remember, when things start to get complicated, think to yourself, Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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