Buying vs Borrowing

If there’s one way to save money. Start borrowing.

I’m one that doesn’t like spending unnecessarily, so if I can borrow it, I am all for it. 

This applies to a lot of things in the world. However there are some things that you shouldn’t and can’t borrow, you will need to buy these things but you’ll be surprised how borrowing from Family & Friends or renting things for a cheaper price will help save in the long term.

Below are few things & situations in which you can borrow things, without having to buy them for yourself:

Box Sets

As mentioned in my previous post, Game of Thrones is definitely worth watching. When I was finally ready to watch it, rather than buying the seasons myself, I borrowed seasons 1-6 from my Dad. I had no reason to spend money to buy the seasons as I know I could always borrow them from him. Before you think about buying a box set, see if a friend or family member has it. Ask them if you can borrow it for a short while.




Refurbishing your house? Need to do some gardening? If it’s a job that will get done once in a blue moon, don’t rush out to buy the tools you need. You’re bound to know someone who may have these.


Unless it’s a brand new book that you’ve been waiting for to come out for a while, just head down to the library to find what you’re looking for. We tend to forget that librarys exist with all this technology, but you’ll find some gems in there. Once you’re done with them, just return them and find some new books to read.



Parties/Big Dinners

If you’re throwing a party or doing a big dinner, you’ll probably need some large dishes, pots and so on. See if any family members or friends have these that you can borrow for the occasion. Even as far as a dining table or even extra chairs.


If you don’t actually need a car, borrowing them is a good option. For example, when family members are away, use theirs, with their permission of course. Cuvva is what I use when borrowing a car, just insure yourself for as little as an hour or more and away you go.

That’s just a few examples of what you can borrow.

Borrowing is a great way to save money. Although, if there is something you genuinely need to get, which you know you’re going to need for the long term, buy it.

Also, be that person who can lend things to your friends or family. If they bring up something that you know you can help with, be that person. They’ll appreciate it and probably not even realise that you just saved them some £s.

Remember, when things get complicated, just think to yourself; Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B. 


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  • Leanne Nguyen
    January 25, 2019

    Too damn right. Keep shining!

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