The Art of Patience

Ever heard that phrase; Patience is a virtue. 

To be able to wait for something without becoming annoyed & anxious is a valuable personality trait.

As a creative, I understand that reaching my goals will take some time. I understand that I will need to work hard and will need to invest a lot of time into my passion. Having patience makes this process so much easier to deal with as I have the deeper understanding.

Some don’t have to put much work in but most of us do. It all depends on how you are brought up, what you are taught in life & the opportunities given.

Having patience is something that is learned. It’s a journey that takes time to understand. Over years of different situations playing out in life, I’ve learned how to become more patient. When I was younger, especially around Christmas time, I was so impatient! Time moved so much slower as a kid and that didn’t help back then. More so around school holidays, things just took ages to come around! As an adult, time generally moves quicker but it plays hand in hand with patience, I’ll tell you why.



When time seems to be “flying by” as most say, do you know why it feels that way? You’re not doing enough with your time.

Time moves so differently for those who gets things done or invests their time into something worth doing. Being patient with this process will end up giving you great results. If you understand that working towards something takes some time, you will reap the rewards later in life. It also ties into The Law of Attraction, putting something into existence and working hard to get it done, not expecting it to happen in an instant, being patient with the process.

You know that other phrase; Good things come to those who wait. 

I agree but I need to add something else onto the end; Good things come to those who wait and work hard.

In order to receive good things, you must work hard for it and in due time, good things will come. Put out what you want.



Patience itself, is a journey. You don’t become patient over night. It takes time.

Below are a few ways to practice Patience;

Teach yourself how to wait. When you want something, you want it instantly. Try waiting a bit longer. You know when you have something to look forward to, you feel excitement and happiness in the build up. Do this for small things and then go bigger as you practice waiting.

Meditation. Taking some time out in the day to detach and immerse yourself solely in you. This can help with having a clearer mindset. detach from the things that make you impatient and try to remove these things from your life.

Understand what causes you to be impatient. What are the triggers that cause it? Once you are aware of the triggers, learn how to counteract them with a calm mind and attitude. Working on this will help you become more patient. Awareness is key.

Set short term goals that help reach the long term goal. Setting short term goals with a time frame will help you become patient. This is because the short term goals are helping you to reach the long term goal. You know when you set yourself a goal that feels like it will take forever to reach, short term goals leading up to it will make it seem reachable and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to reaching it. It will also bring happiness and a sense of achievement.

Buy a large puzzle. A puzzle with a hundreds of pieces. This is the ultimate test of patience. Being able to put together a large puzzle is a great way to practice. This is because you will need a clear mind and relaxed attitude to sit there for a while putting together the pieces. Once you’ve put the pieces together, after getting stuck at different points but calmly working it out, you feel a sense of achievement and happiness. This applies to your own journey of setting goals and achieving them.

Work hard, enjoy life & reach those goals to bring you even more happiness. Time waits for no one so make sure you use it effectively.

Remember when things start to get complicated, just sit back and think; Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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