9 Simple Tips to bring your Ideas to Life

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Have you ever felt like you’ve got a great idea but unsure how to get going with it? I’m sure that many of us can relate to this. Using my blog as an example and also understanding how other people have brought their ideas to life, below are some tips on what you can do or put you in the right mindset to help bring yours to life too.



Write it down.

When you have an idea, write it down on a piece of paper. Once written, you have put it into existence. Make it happen. I had a board up in my room with a piece of paper attached which said “Keep it Simple, Yeah?” for the longest time. It was on the wall in front of my bed, so every morning I woke up and every night I went to bed, I would look at it.


You may have an idea you’re really passionate about, but you need to learn about certain things, so do the research. Look on the internet, read books, listen to podcasts, you name it! If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll want to learn so you can have the best knowledge and be able to understand what it is you love so much.


Mood-boards work for content, designing a website or just to collate information on what it is you want to do. It helps to bring the idea to life and to allow you to get a better understanding of what something needs to look like, or to help explain to others what you’re trying to do. It’s a great visual tool for ideas.



Time is important.

Don’t rush. Use your time effectively. You’ll need to focus on your idea and spend almost all of your spare time on it. Whilst you shouldn’t procrastinate, you need to make sure that you have spent enough time on it and continue to do so.

Trial & Error.

You will spend time on ideas that may not work. This is okay, trial and error is completely normal. Don’t get yourself down when something doesn’t work or if you don’t get the response you expected. Just keep going. You’ll be fine.

Your day job is an investment.

For those who work, it can seem that your day job takes up all of your time. You spend most of the day thinking about your own personal ideas and how you can bring them to life but then you start to get annoyed that you’re at work all day and have little time in the morning & evening. Your day job is an investment. You will need to put money into your idea so see your day job as what you need to do to invest into your amazing idea & use your time before and after work effectively.

Launch, don’t put it off! Just do it.

This can be the hardest part. With everything finally ready, putting it out in the world can be so difficult. But once it’s done, you’ll feel great! Sometimes setting a date is good, but in other times, you just know when you’re ready to launch, so when the time is right, go for it!




Stay consistent. Once you’ve launched, keep going. If you’re truly passionate about it, you will continue to put your time, effort, money and love into this idea of yours. Create a schedule that works for you and then change it over time to suit your lifestyle. Stay committed.

Over everything, this idea is yours & no one else’s.

Regardless of absolutely everything, the idea is yours. Accepting all kinds of feedback is good, but just remember, it’s your baby, your passion, all you. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it. You can.

I hope that these tips & ways of thinking will help you, sometimes these things might seem obvious but actually realising what needs to be done will help you actually do it.

Remember, when things start to get complicated, just think; Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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