A few tips on how to de-clutter your life.

De-clutter your life.

Ever feel like life can get overwhelming at times? This is why it is important to have a clear mind & lifestyle. This is why de-cluttering is so crucial. Organisation & removing things from your life can lift the weight and allow you to see clearly going forward.

I’m going to share a few tips on what you can do to de-clutter your life and how to go about doing so.


We live busy lives meaning we tend to have a lot on our minds. This can be anything from work, family, money, education and so much more. There comes a time where our mind can get overwhelmed with too much information, we end up needing to clear it.

I’m a firm believer in the present moment. Only thinking about what’s happening right now and what I can do to ensure the day runs smoothly. Having a clear mind means you can focus on what’s important.

Going for a walk is a great way to clear your mind. Put your headphones in and away with the world. Focus on the beat of the song, detach from what’s causing your mind to go on overload.

Meditation is key. This is art of detachment. Taking yourself out of the craziness of this world and detaching completely. When you’re in that moment of detachment, it genuinely feels like an out of body experience. A true feeling of a clear mind.

Do something you enjoy. This could be absolutely anything. Something that brings you pure happiness and allows you to take your mind off what you’re going through. Even if it clears your mind for a few hours, you’re giving yourself the me time you deserve.

Your Home

De-cluttering your home is a great feeling. Going through your clothes, finding things that you don’t need anymore, things that don’t fit or simply aren’t interested in, get rid of it! This could be in form of a charity, clothes bank, family/friends, or if these aren’t an option, simply throw it away.

Shredding paperwork that isn’t needed or filing important paper work and putting it into storage. This means you don’t have random letters hanging around or just chilling in a pile in your room.

Make cleaning enjoyable, play some music, dance, have fun whilst doing your chores at home. Keeping a clean and tidy household will have you feeling great every time you leave and come back home.

Oh my gosh, lets not forget about cupboards. Kitchen cupboards to be specific. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like a good cupboard clear-out & reorganisation.

Opening your cupboard to find a bunch of things in a mess staring back at you, is not cool at all. But opening a cupboard with everything organised into sections, is literally the best thing ever. Just get rid of anything you don’t need! Once you become obsessed with cupboard organisation, you’re definitely an adult!

The idea of organisation, whether it be in your cupboard, at work or just in general, allows you to have a clearer energy, having a weight lifted off your shoulders knowing you’re organised.


Over the years, some friendships drift or end. I’ve always seen it as a natural part of life. You could be best friends with someone for years, but over time, you might start to drift due to changes in your lives. This isn’t a bad thing at all, as long as you have the same respect for that person, there is nothing wrong with drifting.

However in some circumstances, something bad may have happened meaning that you are no longer friends with someone. Rather than holding a grudge, just understand and respect you were friends for a certain amount of time & for a reason but the energy of that friendship was no longer needed in your life. Cut them off! Bad energy be gone.

I’ve included Friendships in this de-cluttering post as it is form of clearing up your life and making sure you have the correct energy around you at during certain points of your life.

Energy is so important. Negative or bad energy hinders you from moving forward and becoming the best version of yourself. Having positive energy around you will help you do better and become better. Don’t let anyone hold you back.

De-cluttering in these ways and others will allow you to live a simpler life and as a human being, make you feel a lot lighter and your mind a lot healthier.

Remember, when life gets complicated, just tell yourself; Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.



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