The art of over-thinking.

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We all do it.

It is the one thing that will always be with us. The thing I don’t like about overthinking is that it applies to everything in life. If you’re dealing with financial difficulties and don’t know what to do, if you’re a music artist and deciding what video to drop first, or wanting to go the gym but physically not feeling like you want to go so you procrastinate about the thought of it. It affects us in every single aspect of our lives. 

Overthinking will halt you. It holds us back from our full potential and that’s the scary thing. It affects us all, so don’t feel alone in this. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with overthinking, is this blog. The idea for this blog was on my mind for so long however, where the overthinking didn’t hold me back in creating my blog, it was the launching of my blog. The thoughts of what people would think of it,  wondering if it will be good enough. It took a while to get to this point of actually having a blog, but now it’s here and I’m doing it, it feels great! Like a weird weight lifted off my shoulders. 

If you’ve got something on your mind, no matter what it is, talk to someone about it. If you’ve got an idea, write it down, seeing it in front of you will help to make it real. If you’ve got a big decision to make, speak with those closest to you, ask for advice, but remember the decision is yours. If you want to go the gym but not sure where to start, see if any of your friends go to the gym, or speak with a personal trainer who can help.

Overthinking is like you’ve got two of yourself in your head and they’re talking to each other and no one else. Meaning that the issue/thought/idea never gets brought to the light. Keeping things inside means that no change happens. Change is one of the most important things in our lives as it helps us to grow and become better.



Anxiety ties in to overthinking too. For many of us in this world, anxiety is a disorder that we all probably have felt at some point in our lives. This doesn’t help with over thinking as they come hand in hand. Overthink, then anxiety kicks in and it’s all over. I have been there, and if you have too, you’re not on your own.

One way of dealing with anxiety that I felt has helped me, is going for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. How this has changed my life. 

6 Weeks of therapy sessions, that genuinely left me feeling like a different person. My adviser helped me to understand what the core issue was. She pinpointed to the very core and it fascinated me that someone could dig so deep into what my problem was. Questions were being asked and because it was just me & her in that room, there was no escape, meaning I had to answer the question. But each time an answer was provided, another question was asked. This was their technique and it really went deep to the point even I questioned myself.

We deal with things on the surface but this isn’t good enough. We have to go deeper and understand what the root cause or issue is, in order for us to grow, learn and understand ourselves as humans.

The art of keeping it simple, is literally simple. If an issue arises, rather than worrying about it, I think, Can I fix it?. If I can fix it, I figure out how to and make it happen. Sorted. However, if it something I cannot fix, I realise that worrying about it doesn’t do anything to help the situation, therefore I don’t worry. Simple as that.

If anyone wants to get something off their chest, or wants to chat about an idea, it could be absolutely anything, just get in touch.

Love B. 




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