5 Tips to Manage Your Day

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Knowing how to manage your day is so important. Morning, Afternoon, Evening.

In my previous post, I spoke about how important it is to manage your early mornings, but the afternoon & evening are just as important.

Whether you’re self-employed, working full-time or part time, or a parent, your day has to be well thought out, otherwise, the little thing we know called stress will creep in.

Your mornings must include a good breakfast and enough time to get ready for the day ahead, if you’re like me and like to get up early to get a few other things done, check out my early morning post.



Everyone’s situation will be different but below are 5 tips that anyone can use to ensure their day is managed effectively.

Make a daily to do list. – How great does it feel to check things off your list! The reason for a daily to do list, is because we are living in the present moment. The best time to make your list for the next day, is the evening before, maybe when you’re in bed. This is because you know what you’ve completed throughout the current day and you know what needs to be done tomorrow. Therefore, having your list ready for when you wake up, will get your day started in the best way.

Use your calendar on your phone. – Ok, lets admit it, we are in a world of technology. I personally prefer pen & paper, but we all use our phones and they are with us 24/7, so why not implement them into our lives to help us. Have you ever double booked yourself? I have, so many times! During your day, when an arrangement is made between yourself and someone else, pencil it in then and there! And make sure you check your calendar daily to make sure you’re aware of what is happening in your life.

Eat well. – The impact that food has on your body & mind is serious. If you’re eating healthy food for breakfast, lunch & dinner, as well as your snacks, you will feel so good! I understand that living that lifestyle of healthy food 24/7 can be difficult, but incorporating slowly into your routine and adding slowly will make a huge difference. We all get that urge to eat something from the fast food shop or grab a chocolate bar and in that moment, it can taste amazing. But we get that come down of feeling lazy & tired which has a horrible effect on your mood and can really turn your day into a shit one. Food intake is so important, so be wise about your meals & snacks.

Drink water. – This is probably the most obvious thing to do every day, but you will be surprised how many of us forget to drink water. You could even take it to an extreme of setting reminders on your phone every hour to ensure you drink enough water in the day. I’ve done this, and it works! Staying hydrated during the day allows you to work better, therefore ensuring your day runs smoother. Plus the health benefits of drinking water are amazing in itself. Just drink water people. 

Take a little time out. ­– I cannot emphasise how important this is. Give yourself some down time to relax. We need to recharge our batteries at some point. This could be 5 minutes, head phones in, zen music playing, a little meditation. Or, could be a 10-minute power nap. Just some time to yourself will really help you to feel better.

Remember, you’re a human being, take care of yourself.



The above may seem like I am stating the obvious, but our lives can get so busy on a daily basis, that we forget to do the basic things to ensure we are having a good day & making sure we have minimal stress.

Morning, afternoon & evening, make sure that you are managing your day and before you go to sleep, you can smile knowing that you have had a great day by keeping it simple.

Love B. 



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