Pre-Travel Tips Kept Simple!

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It’s holiday season! 

Seeing as many people are off on their holidays or even planning for their next trip, I thought I would share some of my “must dos” when it comes to preparing for one.

The excitement of going abroad is such a nice feeling, but for some reason, when the holiday is approaching it can become somewhat stressful. This is due to making sure you have everything bought, everything packed, making sure the pets are sorted and so on! The list goes on, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’m gonna share some of the tips that I live by, when it comes to preparing for a holiday!


Make a list of everything you currently have. – I have summer clothes that I have bought, but never worn before and they’re perfect for holiday! Sometimes we go a bit overboard when it comes to shopping. Buying things we don’t even need, but think “Oh I definitely need this for the holiday”, it can be so unnecessary! So writing out a list of everything you know you currently have and can take on holiday will definitely save you some dollar.

Make a list of the things you need to buy.  – Once you know what you have, lets think about what we need to buy. No guys, we don’t need 10 pairs of sunglasses! Seriously though, writing a list of what you need makes it a lot clearer to know what to buy. Once you have this list finalised, lets go shopping! 



Book your hair & beauty appointments in advance. – It’s gonna be busy due to holiday season, so make sure you book your appointments well in advance to avoid missing out. There’s nothing more annoying than having to go to a different hairdresser or beauty shop. It’s even worse when they don’t do what you asked for properly!

Plan your airport outfit. – Comfort. Let me tell you, you do not want to wear a pair of jeans for an 8 1/2 hour flight. I always plan an outfit that I can move around in easily. Trainers or sandals & a light jacket are a must. Also, if it’s something that you can wear on holiday, it’s a win, as you don’t need to pack it. Just wash it when you want to wear it again!

Buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. – Do this straight away. I cannot emphasise this enough. If anything happens prior to, or whilst you’re on your trip, it will be a life saver. No questions, just do it. Please. Thanks.



Book your method of transport to the airport & transfer from airport to hotel. – If you’re taking a taxi or train to the airport, do it earlier, it may be cheaper than on the day. Also, make sure you have made your arrangements to get to your hotel. It can be so expensive to book a taxi when you arrive, so again, the earlier the better.

Take hand luggage. – Just in case your luggage gets lost, your hand luggage can save you. Pack some underwear, some swimwear clothing (if you’re going to a hot country), a few tops and bottoms & socks, tooth brush & a mini deodorant. This is also handy if you want to get changed mid-flight or brush your teeth. Stay fresh people.

Bring your charger & battery pack. – Our phones & tablets run out of battery so quickly! The extra battery life is handy if we wanted to listen to music on our phones or do whatever it is that we do on our tablets. Especially when you land in a different country, the use of your phone can be very important.

These tips are just the things I go by when it comes to going abroad. They always help in preparation for a trip and I hope it helps you too!

Just remember to Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B.


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