Escape from Reality

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If only we could escape from reality more often.

We live busy, busy lives. Whether we’re working, in education, parents, the list goes on. Every so often we can escape from reality in different ways. It could be a holiday abroad, a weekend away, meditation, a quiet evening in. We cherish these moments because the majority of our lives are taken up by what we call life. Some of us don’t like to escape, we put this pressure on ourselves to make us think that we have to be productive every second of the day. I totally understand that we do need to be productive, but in order for us to be the best versions of ourselves and to improve and become better, we need to rest and recharge our batteries. Escaping allows us to do this. Rest is good!



What’s you favourite escape from reality? For me, it’s a quiet evening of meditating or simply just laying down listening to some music. Music is my escape, I love it. From every genre, there is something I like. Music became a part of my cognitive behavioural therapy which helped me with my anxiety. Believe me, it helped me so much. That’s why it’s my form of escape. I can feel a million miles away when listening to music. Listening to the different instruments, the beat of the song, the lyrics, you can find yourself in a whole different world. With so many different genres of music, there is so much to listen to. Anything from Jazz to Dancehall, I love it! Music is amazing and we can all appreciate the diversity and the feeling it gives us!

Another form of escape, for me, is this blog. I’ve created something that allows me to express myself in a different way. Writing is way of taking what’s on your mind and putting it on paper. You know when some people say “I can give advice, but can’t take my own”? This blog for me, is that. It helps me to understand what I know and what I’m aware of and allows me to remember to keep it simple, as we can all get caught up in the madness of life. If you feel like a blog is something you’d be interested in doing, my few words of advice, just do it. WordPress is great platform to start small and grow. You can make a blog about absolutely anything you like, something you’re interested in, something you’re passionate about. Do what makes you happy, if that’s writing, go for it!



Holiday’s are a great form of escape. They allow us to come away physically from the every day life we live. A short or long break, both help with detaching for a while. I’m off for 2 weeks soon, flying to beautiful Barbados and other than everything that comes with Barbados, I am most looking forward to relaxing and doing the bare minimum! I’m talking beach walks, meditation on the balcony, ocean swims, it goes on! The moment that you’re on the plane, in the train or the car, knowing that you’re going away for a little while, that’s when your mind starts to realise that it can relax and detach from everyday life.



Meditation is something I believe everyone should embark on. A lot of people in our world believe that you must be a Buddhist to meditate or be spiritual but this is not true. You can be from any walk of life, any culture or religion to meditate. It is simply the art of detaching your mind and letting everything that is on your mind, simply float away. Play some calming music, close your eyes and allow your thoughts to float away like they’re on a river going down the stream. It’s a beautiful feeling due to the fact that for the time you are meditating for, nothing in the world matters and you feel free.

There are so many of us in this world that we all have our different ways of escaping reality. Let me know what you do to escape the real world.

What ever it is that you’re doing, or thinking about, just remember and ask yourself, Keep it Simple, Yeah?

Love B. 


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